Baby Blessing / Naming Ceremony

I create a bespoke naming ceremony in Ireland

The arrival of your precious new baby is one of life’s greatest gifts.

I can create a bespoke ceremony that reflects your beliefs and values, wishes or prayers for your baby and your family.

The  Baby Blessing / Baby Naming Ceremony I create with you will invite you and your family to reflect and affirm what’s important to you whilst honouring & welcoming the newest addition to your family. 

Baby Blessing / Baby Naming ceremonies to start with a welcome, then there may be music and poetry. I often light a candle to create sacredness in the space.

naming ceremony

Naming Ceremony / Baby Blessing

The ceremony will be tailored to suit your families needs and wants and can include a grandparents blessing for the baby because,  while the couple may not be religious, their parents may be, the ‘godparents’ can be ‘guide parents and they can vow to love and guide your child by example.

Please *Contact Me to check my availability on your date, professional fee and to arrange to meet to discuss your ceremony.

Rev. Brenda

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