Legal Weddings

My wedding ceremonies are legal, bespoke, personal and bridge the gap between church, civil, spiritual or humanist; whatever type of ceremony you wish for I will make that wish come true!

Spiritualist Ceremony

For a bespoke Spiritualist Ceremony anywhere nationwide including Legal Weddings for persons of all beliefs and none, in your venue, any day of the Year, anytime! 

Funeral / Memorial Ceremonies

The bespoke service which I will create will put your sentiment at the heart of the ceremony to ensure your loved one is celebrated and remembered in a unique way.

Baby Naming / Baby Blessing

The Baby Blessing /Baby Naming Ceremony I create with you will invite you and your family to reflect and affirm what’s important to you whilst honouring & welcoming the newest addition to your family.


"This is Your Life" Memorial Service

A beautiful ceremony honouring and remembering retrospectively your loved one with your family and friends

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing, it is symbolic.

Vow Renewal

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister I will work with you to create ceremonies that fit with your beliefs.

Ceremony Enhancements

I offer the inclusion in your Ceremony of these bespoke elements ( These Ceremony Enhancements can be incorporated into a Ceremony for any occasion.

End Of Life / Living With Death Accompaniment

The anticipation of death is a difficult cross to bear and it includes the fear of dying, fear of pain and worrying about those left behind.

Spiritual Counselling / Spiritual Accompaniment

I offer ‘spiritual counselling’ or ‘spiritual accompaniment’ in a safe and confidential environment within which an inner, self-directed healing can be unveiled.

Divorce Ceremony

When a couple get Divorced there is a huge transition for them through separation leading to the formality of the divorce.

Grief Accompaniment

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance or hope. These stages are very fluid, and we can find ourselves moving back and forth between them. The grief we now know is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Where Ceremonies Begin and Love Never Ends…