End Of Life / Living With Death Accompaniment

The anticipation of death is a difficult cross to bear and it includes the fear of dying, fear of pain and worrying about those left behind.

In my own family, I have experienced both sudden death and terminal illness and I offer End of Life / Living with Death accompaniment to help you to create a space for the psychological and spiritual exploration you or your family may require. 

These sessions include exploring the meaning of life, addressing broken or fractured relationships, forgiveness, the practicalities of death, sharing important memories, saying goodbye, exploring what death means to you and your loved ones. 

Actively engaging with the process of dying can be liberating and comforting and can help to relieve the anxiety of dying for you and your family instead of leaving important things unsaid and undone.

I can provide accompaniment to persons who want an Interfaith Minister, who respects all faiths and none, to sit with them, hold their hand, or just be there as a presence as they make the transition from this life to the next. 

Please *Contact Me to discuss your needs.

Rev. Brenda

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