If you want to complete the legal part of your marriage, in your venue, on your wedding day you need to ensure that the Celebrant you have chosen is also a Solemniser.

Just to explain:

A solemniser is a person licensed by the State to conduct weddings. Only a registered solemniser can perform a legally binding wedding ceremony. The General Register Office maintains a Register of Solemnisers of Marriage.

I am a Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant, an Interfaith Minister and I am registered as a Solemniser with the HSE. I work independently and you can book me directly. I do not have to mention any organisation, belief or deity in the ceremonies I hold.

I create your ceremony with and for you, you may wish to include personal vows, selected readings plus enhancements or mini ceremonies such as handfasting, quaich, sand ceremony, ring warming/blessing, ceremony of light to name just a few. You may want a ceremony full to the brim or more low key, the choice is yours.

As your Ceremony is a very special and important part of your big day my aim is to reflect your personalities, your hopes and dreams for the future and to make it an enjoyable and stress free journey.

A Solemnisers fees are approximately €600, so just remember – you get what you pay for and when a couple does book a ceremony with me, they don’t just get 30 minutes. They get meetings, telephone calls, face to face meetings. They get to sit with me and plan their ceremony from complete scratch. Not a template, not a hastily put together generic ceremony that could apply to anyone but a bespoke ceremony that is shaped around you and your partner. They get me planning and preparing for weeks and months before their ceremony. They get drafts and re-drafts until we get it right. They get unity candles, sand or handfasting ceremonies and other ceremony enhancements. They get the benefit of my 15 years of experience creating Ceremonies and access to resources that I have built up over the years. They get a ceremony that looks effortless but has taken years of honing my skills, and hours of my time to get right.

We would meet virtually or in person (once Covid restrictions allow ) so that I can get a sense of the type of ceremony you would like. When you have completed a Booking Form and paid your deposit I will send sample readings/verses, vow and ring exchange readings, enhancement suggestions etc. This is how your bespoke ceremony develops and will result in a ceremony that will be relaxed, enjoyable, fun and something both you and your guests can look back on with fond memories for years to come.

I ringfence your date and do not take any other bookings for that day, so if the time of your ceremony has to be changed for whatever reason I am available.

For further information contact Rev Brenda O’Grady Interfaith Minister, Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant at https://www.weddingandfamilycelebrant.ie/wedding-ceremonies

Phone: 00353 87 2318324