Why Would You Need a Wedding Celebrant or Solemniser in Ireland

If you are planning to get married soon, and trying to decide who will help you say “I do”, well then you need a Wedding Celebrant. Rev. Brenda O’Grady is a fully qualified wedding solemniser with many years of experience offering her services throughout Ireland. Whether the setting is on a beach, under the stars, beside castle ruins or in your own garden Rev. Brenda will above and beyond to accommodate your ceremony. As a professional celebrant and ordained Reverend, your marriage will also be legally binding and be HSE Registered. Your special day will be a carefully planned wedding ceremony taking into consideration you as a couple, venues and location, the date, your friends, family and your faith or non-faith for that matter. Complete attention will be given to you as a couple to create your bespoke ceremony.

What is a Wedding Celebrant?

A celebrant is a person who performs and officiates formal ceremonies, and while they are usually seen at weddings, they can also perform other services such as vow renewals, funeral rites, and baby naming. Wedding celebrants will create a bespoke, meaningful ceremony that is not religious and is tailored-made for you. A wedding ceremony is always going to be a major event in your life and having a celebrant officiate on your big day is both practical and legal.

What is the difference between a Celebrant and a Registrar?

There is a difference but Rev. Brenda is both an Ordained Interfaith Minister and registered with the HSE as a One World Interfaith Minister to Legally Solemnise marriages in Ireland.  To put it simply, registrars have the legal authority to marry you, which means the ceremony will be completely secular with no religious overtones. Wedding Celebrants, on the other hand, will work with you to construct a unique, personalized ceremony that takes place wherever you like. Celebrants will assist couples in meeting the conditions for acquiring a marriage license, but they do not have the authority to grant it.

Is a Wedding with a celebrant legal?

Rev. Brenda’s wedding ceremonies are legal, bespoke, personal and bridge the gap between church, civil, spiritual or humanist; whatever type of ceremony you wish for she will make that wish come true! Registered Solemnisers for a legal marriage in Ireland, will require you to Register  *Your Intent To Marry with the HSE at least 3 months prior to your wedding date, and you need to ensure that your venue is acceptable to the HSE. Rev. Brenda will guide you further on this when you meet. Full details of the registration process are available on the *HSE Website.

Wedding Ceremonies

When you book a Ceremony with Brenda, as you will see from her reviews, you don’t just get 30 minutes. You get meetings, telephone calls, face to face meetings. They get to sit with me and plan their ceremony from complete scratch. Not a template, not a hastily put together generic ceremony that could apply to anyone but a bespoke ceremony that is shaped around you and your partner. They get me planning and preparing for weeks and months before their ceremony. They get drafts and re-drafts until we get it right. They get unity candles, sand or handfasting ceremonies and other ceremony enhancements. They get the benefit of my 15 years of experience creating Ceremonies and access to resources that I have built up over the years. They get a ceremony that looks effortless but has taken years of honing my skills, and hours of my time to get right.

So if you are planning on booking a Solemniser / Celebrant, please don’t just think, “You charge how much????” Instead, engage with me, talk to me about your ceremony, find out more about me and then I know you will say “Wow this is the Solemniser that I want to legally marry me as she has really invested in her craft” 😊 www.weddingandfamilycelebrant.ie

How much does a Wedding Celebrant or Solemniser cost in Ireland?

My all-inclusive professional fee for creating and celebrating your bespoke ceremony is €595.00. For Ceremonies in Leinster, I do not charge for travel or meeting with you to plan your ceremony or for the materials for two ceremony enhancements (i.e. candle, sand or handfasting ceremonies). For Weddings outside of Leinster, I charge travel at cost and a contribution towards accommodation. I will guide you further on this when we meet.