Congratulations you are getting married. What do you do next?

Step 1. State Notice

For a legal marriage in Ireland, every couple must Register *Your Intent To Marry with the HSE at least 3 months prior to your wedding date.

A fee of €200 is payable to the state registrar for “Notification of your intention to marry”. Full details of the registration process are available on the *HSE Website.

Step 2. Book your Venue

In choosing your venue remember that for legal solemnising your venue must have an identifiable address and be open to the public. Your ceremony can be outdoors providing the venue meets these criteria.

So in short, you cannot get legally married in your parents back garden, your favourite park, beach or your granny’s beautiful big house !!!!

Step 3. Book your Solemniser / Celebrant

A Legal Wedding Ceremony held by Rev Brenda O’Grady Wedding Solemniser and Family Celebrant is the option for people of all faith paths or none who want to be legally married regardless as to their beliefs or orientation. I am an Interfaith Ministers and have been professionally trained in the creation of bespoke legal ceremonies. I will create your ceremony with you ensuring that it reflects your beliefs and wishes. I can perform your ceremony at your location on any day of the year. As an HSE registered One World Interfaith Celebrant I am independent and you can book me directly at